Artist Statement

I have worked for newspapers since 1988, illustrating many Opinion Pages, with mainly Political Caricatures. Over time I’ve retained a constant Fine Art practice in painting and drawing and print making, nurturing and focusing on the art of figurative representation.

Since 2009, I have exhibited at NG Art Gallery, in Chippendale Sydney. I am interested in the creating images that depicts the male psyche, by observing my thoughts and rendering them on the canvas quickly and spontaneously.

I find that both the political commentary and the fine art is becoming symbiotic, in a way that has taken me by pleasant surprise. So, please look at my body of work as a whole. The struggle of the human condition dealing with work, relationships, hierarchy or those confusing internal thoughts that come with the everyday obligations and roles of life are some of the ideas that feeds the work and helps it evolve.

I see my practice as an scientific, psychological and spiritual observation of the thought processes that unfolds when one creates. This is facilitated by the simple colour palate, and the library of stored images in my mind, producing editorial drawings everyday.




"Glass" 2014 70x100 cm Oil on Canvas Eric Lobbecke copy