Artist Statement

I have worked for newspapers since 1988, illustrating many Opinion Pages, with mainly Political Caricatures. Over time I’ve retained a constant Fine Art practice in drawing, painting, sculpting, print making, nurturing and focusing on the art of figurative representation.

Since 2009, I exhibited at NG Art Gallery, in Chippendale Sydney and for 5 years I was interested in the creating images that depicts the human condition, by observing my thoughts and rendering them quickly and spontaneously on canvas. In 2014, when the gallery closed, I took the next step in my artistic practice, not satisfied by traditional methods of mark making and with the increasing use of new technologies, I found a facility with digital drawing, which I was very familiar with in the production of my editorial work. The Apple pen, and iPad Pro became available with it’s ability to replay my every line. This escalation in user friendly technology revolutionised the way I could express these random thoughts.

I see my practice as an scientific, psychological and spiritual observation and interested in producing drawings that are projected, shown on different output devices, but, especially interactive with traditional mediums such as graphite drawing, and cast on my own sculptures to create an emotive seamless effect and response. I have Graduated with a masters by coursework at UNSW ART AND DESIGN in 2017 where I tested out many modalities and worked out how to present my ideas.

So please see my practise as a journey that is maturing from my early Random thought paintings, to a new way to represent the ancient art of mark making and Drawing with the aim is to collaborate or battle a computer with it’s “OWN” random thought one day, and researching  this possibility in the next few years in a masters by research, but for now indulge me in my passion for drawing.

Eric Lobbecke 2017