Random Marks & Thoughtful moods

ERIC LOBBECKE’S works are a continuation of his fine art oeuvre which he has been showing and developing for many years away from his daily work on The Australian Newspaper.

LOBBECKE is interested in the imagery that arises from RANDOM THOUGHTS that manifest when confronted by the blank canvas.

He relies on the “visually loaded library” in his mind, informed by the repetition of drawing figuratively and metaphorically for a deadline. He has developed his own iconography, which he recalls when executing his thoughts onto canvas. The imagery can be viewed upside down working to reveal a unique continuous narrative.

“Are thoughts of the past or present more prevalent in the manifestation of these luminous paintings?” This is just one of the many questions that feeds his practice. The image presents itself by allowing the mind to guide the mark making. The result is influenced by the cognitive links and discoveries.