Artist Statement

Vicki White’s art practice considers the mysterious enigma of the emotional state of the human psyche. She is interested in how pictures convey feelings & embody memories through our shared experience of joy, elation, longing, loss & melancholy.

The traditional genres of Still Life, Landscape, & the Interior, provide the context into which these themes emerge. Interpreting personal stories from the absurdist drama called life, the intimate nature of her work is redolent with metaphor & meaning. These stories become universal stories, inviting the viewer to inhabit the psychological space within the paintings, & to contemplate the references to the delicate shifts & balances within the human condition.

White works from life, & integrates a cinematic/theatrical process by gathering props & models, & directing the ‘action’ in a controlled studio environment. The use of photography to crop & ‘dramatise’ the symbolism of the work, harks back to White’s background as a Graphic Designer, before returning to study Fine Art.